Someone once said, "Photography is a love affair with life," and this is true for me on many levels. I got my first camera in elementary school and took it to the park near my house and used an entire roll of film on ducks. My mom was pretty irritated with me when we got the film developed and she realized she had put around $15 into these useless images, but I was elated at my newfound ability to freeze time. I think of those ducks often and how they were the start of a nearly lifelong passion, and I stand firm in my belief that those images weren't useless at all. In mid-2015, after 20ish years of being a hobbyist photographer, I took a leap of faith and started Bella Tu Photography.

My style has been described as "whimsical" and "bright." I love to play with the sun and capture warm, golden images that feel a little bit magical. I love colors, but I also want my clients to be the main focus of their images, so I don't overdo it with props and busy backgrounds. No two sessions are ever the same and I customize every session to fit each client's unique personality. 

Aside from a couple days a week when I have a sitter, I'm a stay at home mom to my two young children, Gracelyn and Max. My husband and I got married in Punta Cana in 2012 and we live in West Chicago with our children and an adorable, spoiled Maltese named Neva Bean. Aside from photography, my other passion is traveling and I have been to Australia, Europe, Thailand, Costa Rica, and a bunch of other places that I'd be happy to tell you about if you ask. 

My goal as a photographer is to capture beautiful images of you and your family AND help you proudly display them in your home. I will work very hard to make your images perfect and I don't want them to end up on a USB in your junk drawer or living on a hard drive. There are many, many photographers out there and I won't be the right fit for everyone. However, if you are hoping for beautiful photographs of your family that will be the focal point in your home, I just might be your gal.